Analytical Essay: Smoking In Public Should Be Banned

Most of the adults-especially male, used to smoke anywhere and anytime they can. Smoking can be categorized as a “hobby” for the adults, but this kind of activity can give some bad effect in front of wide public. As for this, government should give the order that there is no smoking in public area. There are some reasons why smoking in front of the public should be banned.

The first reason is, smoking in front of the public is a distraction. The smoke that have been produced from the cigarettes can make people around the smokers become uncomfortable. The people need fresh air to breath, not the smoke from a cigarette that they will breath.

Secondly, the smoke have health risk for the people who have taken the smoke for breath. The smoke from the cigarette contains poisonous gases like CO (Carbon monoxide) and also another poisonous substances like nicotine, TAR, and many else. A study shows that a single cigarette can produce up to 4000 poisonous substances which resulting any kind of disease like cancer. The people that is risky for this is the passive smoker ones-the one will breath the smoke of the cigarette.

The third, smoking in public areas give more pollution. Besides car and electronic devices like air conditioner (AC), smoke also give pollution to the air. People need some fresh air so that they can breath normally.

Finally, smoke is a bad habit that can impact to children and teens. If a person smoke in front the public and a child seen this man smoking, the children could be tempted to smoke also. A research shows that, 45% of the smokers start to smoke they have seen another people before. So, if the law in banning smoke in front of the public have been retained, the number of smokers can be reduced.

At last, I myself still believe that smoking in public should be forbidden.

2 comments on “Analytical Essay: Smoking In Public Should Be Banned

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