WikiLeaks BOSS Free From Jail

The founder of WikiLeaks site, Julian Assange, was freed from the jail in London, England, after he had paid for some bails, Thursday 16 December 2010 London Time.

He was arrested by the England’s authorities for 9 days under the order of Sweden authorities because of sex abuse case. “I hope I can continue my job, and also continue to give my protest for the claim  that have been accused to me”, said Assange when he exited from The England’s Court Building, Thursday afternoon, London Time as reported by The Guardian.

It is not noticed where Assange what he will do after this. But the judge of The England’s court denied the appeal from Sweden that Assange must still be kept in jail in order to exdtradite him soon.

According to BBC television, Assange’s lawyer have gotten some money to get rid him out from the jail by giving some bails in total 240.000 pound sterling, as the court intructed before. But, the Sweden’s prevent this event and wanted to extradite Assange as soon as possible.

Before, Assange got an approval from the judges in London so that he can free from jail by only giving some bails. The judge said that it would take 48 hours to make a clear decision.

As the lawyer said, Assange assessed that the effort to make him extradited by Sweden is a part of political conspiracy after he make a sensation by providing The US secret documents in WikiLeaks

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